How run our templates on BrightSign without using BrightAuthor

First step: Provide an empty SD card and open Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Apple) on your computer. Copy and paste the following code in the file: 

Sub Main()
msgPort = CreateObject("roMessagePort")
r = CreateObject("roRectangle", 0, 0, 1920, 1080)
config = {
url: "",
h = CreateObject("roHtmlWidget", r, config)
while true
    msg = wait(0, msgPort)
    print "type(msg)=";type(msg)
    if type(msg) = "roHtmlWidgetEvent" then
        eventData = msg.GetData()
        if type(eventData) = "roAssociativeArray" and type(eventData.reason) = "roString" then
            print "reason = ";eventData.reason
            if eventData.reason = "load-error" then
                print "message = ";eventData.message
end while
End Sub


Second step: After copy and paste this code you need to edit your file and add the correct screenkey to the URL on line 4 or adjust the URL to the "screen URL". Save the file and rename this file to: "autorun.brs".


Third step: Put this file on the SD card and insert the SD card into your BrightSign player. After a restart the presentation starts. Do you have a portrait presentation? In the autorun.brs file on line 7 add the following: transform: "rot90".

*more information and documentation can be found here:

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